The culture Battle

The Summer University 2022 has ended with the conference by Gustavo Bueno and Fernando Sánchez Dragó who together with the president of Postmodernia Rafael Meléndez-Valdés have discussed the cultural battle. The president of Postmodernia has begun by explaining how "the battle of ideas needs conviction and is fought between globalism and identity, between […]

Sovereignty, Independence and Identity

Jorge Buxadé, Iván Vélez, José Javier Esparza, Juan Antonio Elipe have been in charge of discussing sovereignty, independence and identity. Antonio Elipe has made reference to a technical question, "from the point of view of the structure it will depend on how we establish coexistence". According to Elipe “the theory of constitutionalism is being replaced by directing […]

Immigration in Europe: From the call effect to the humanitarian disaster. Legislative amendments for immigration control

The political analyst, Rubén Pulido has been in charge of bringing the x-ray of immigration in Europe. After the presentation, Matías Recio has exposed the legislative modifications for immigration control and protection of our borders. For his part, Rubén Pulido, has made a journey through the political decisions that have influenced […]

Geopolitics in the times of Globalism

Fernando Corcho has introduced the term and geopolitical strategies at the Summer University 2022. “When we talk about geopolitics from intelligence we talk about how things have to be from the strategic point of view in a certain aspect, in my case security risks national, from immigration and the denial of […]

NATO and European Union

The debate on NATO and the European Union has come from the hands of Javier Barraycoa and Katja-Elisabeth Hermann. How do you think the principle of sub-parity affects the European Union, would it be just an economic concept? Because we see that the European Union in certain cases sets an ideological agenda that punishes countries that do not […]

The Spanish Constitution: Solution or problem?

The first round table of the day has come from the hand of Paloma Hernández García, Iván Vélez and Josá Alsina to discuss the principle of equality and the unity of the Spanish nation in the state of autonomies. In this sense, the moderator, Paloma Hernández, has introduced the term eutaxia, a term […]