Fernando Corcho has introduced the term and geopolitical strategies at the Summer University 2022. “When we talk about geopolitics from intelligence we talk about how things have to be from the strategic point of view in a certain aspect, in my case risks to national security, from immigration and the denial of services”. 

When we saturate a computer system with information, we get it to crash and not work, this is what is happening in European geopolitics that does not exist. Politicians are far from being prepared to face some issues, it was already said in 2014 what Putin was going to do, and he repeated it again, the United States knew it, everyone knew it, including the European Union”. 

Corcho has warned that “we must be careful when we talk about the national and supranational interests independent of the hegemonic powers. The all peaceful Australia, New Zealand and Canada, are very friendly powers but they are quite the opposite, it has come to sterilize those who did not meet average intelligence by law, this has to do with long-term geopolitical interests”.

“When we talk about sides, they sell us illusions, geopolitics and its risks. The future of the European Union is based on whoever is against the ruler", Cork in this sense has introduced the United States, "with legitimate strategic interests", he has also spoken of another of the superpowers, "Iran has 31 military bases, surrounding its country, Iran is not Iran, it is a market of 450 million inhabitants because half are Turkish, because Turkey belongs to NATO and not to the EU”. 

International politics is hypocrisy and the action of geopolitics.

We are in a chess game in which we already know the squares that are going to touch us. “Geopolitics is nothing more than a chessboard, and whoever does not like the game should not play, it is a matter of knowing what we are playing. And in this great game, Spain does not paint absolutely anything, the decision to buy F-35 has been a forced decision on the part of the US, to be equated with the sale of Morocco, because we have complained that Morocco has it and we do not. They sell it to us with the condition that they can never be used against Morocco or against countries allied by the US, countries like Great Britain, Italy and Turkey or Iran or China, or South Africa”. 

Finally, Corcho explained that “we are another game away when we sit down to apply a national geopolitics, we find that we have to establish what is the term of interests. For the European Union we are not Autonomous Communities, but economic statistical regions”.

"Geopolitics, is knowing what the interests of my opponent are and being able to ally myself with them or establish a line that allows me to achieve strategic interests."