The first round table of the day has come from the hand of Paloma Hernández García, Iván Vélez and Josá Alsina to discuss the principle of equality and the unity of the Spanish nation in the state of autonomies.

In this sense, the moderator, Paloma Hernández, has introduced the term eutaxia, a term by Gustavo Bueno that, referring to the 1978 regime, defined the politics as the exercise of power that is oriented towards the eutaxia of a society according to the composition of its layers. 

The term that Gustavo Bueno puts as the foundation of politics, eutaxia, does not have to do with the subjective intentions of the politician in power, but rather that their interests "would be above the ruler of the day, the party of the day, or the regime in office." ”. As an example of the opposite, Paloma has spoken about the fact that, “although it lasted three seconds, the independent republic of Catalonia was born, thus giving rise to dystaxia. We can affirm that Spain is heading towards a dystaxic process with the demolition of the historical unit. Currently there are many Spaniards who have ceased to be patriots. 

During his speech, José Alsina stated that "the Constitution and this regime of 1978 is the problem." In this line, he has spoken of several articles of the Constitution in which the rights to autonomy of the regions and nationalities that comprise it are mentioned, and where it is recognized that Spain is a multinational state and where being reflects an oppressive state, a dictator. of nations."

Alsina has affirmed that "the opening of regional competitions has brought with it given life to the separatist parties. The 40 years of Puyolism were within the constitutional state. Convening consultations and referendums is also raised in the Constitution”. 

Finally, Alsina has put the emphasis on "those people who do not seem to be interested in the history of Spain, only those who come from 78".

In the case of Iván Vélez, he stated that “the Spanish Constitution has led us into disorder to a rupture of rights with internal barriers. There are many people who actually valid the history of Spain is the one that begins in 78 forgetting that there is another block with the same temporal weight”. The Constitution is thus shown as a mechanism to leave behind a period of obscurantism, but nevertheless there are temporary lines that are maintained. 

What Fernando Suárez said is that when said Constitution is being negotiated, a Constitution is finally drafted with an ambiguous wording, "which creates internal barriers, which are the reason why there are very few Spanish patriots", Vélez pointed out, adding that "The result has led us to a dystaxia that in some parts of Spain has led to the disappearance of the state by the hegemonic parties." 

In the debate, the concepts of democratic ideology and democratic fundamentalism have suffered. “Democracy is one more form of government that generates its own corruptions”, for Alsina "It is a fallacy, if I were an independentist, instead of putting up the polls, I would put up an armed force to control a territory. First the territory is conquered and then comes the referendum. But what happened in Catalonia was a performance, that had nothing beyond creating a while, the famous police charges, on TV3 they have put it 15 million times.