On September 8, the New Direction and Postmodern Summer University will address the demographic challenges facing Europe, national states and the European Union, where the case of Spain will be put on the table. This first block will be carried out by Alejandro Macarrón, from the Demographic Renaissance Foundation and Vajk Farkas, from the Center for Fundamental Rights.

Within the national states and the EU we will talk about the economy, about the economic bankruptcy of the Spanish autonomous system, through the conference by José Ramón Riera. Once again we will open the debate on equality and national unity in the state of autonomies, through a round table in which Paloma Hernández García, Iván Vélez and José Alsina will intervene.

In order to get ahead of the different social and political movements, the day will have a third block in which alternatives to globalism and the EU will be presented beyond the political tendencies of the left or the right. A future that will be visualized through the conference of the Italian philosopher Diego Fusaro, to later give way to a debate on NATO and the European Union.

In the evening, those attending Summer University 22 will be introduced to geopolitics and globalism through a colloquium conference directed by Fernando Cocho. Regarding the demographic challenges in Europe, the political analyst Rubén Pulido will address the consequences of the so-called pull effect and the humanitarian and social disaster that illegal immigration in Europe brings with it. Later, Matías Recio will show the legislative modifications for the control of immigration and the protection of our borders.

Finally, we will deal with the role of the University in the future of the European Union and how censorship and manipulation are imposed on European university programs. The first section will be carried out through a round table in which representatives of different Spanish Universities will be present and in which Jorge Álvarez, Fernando Nistal, Francisco Javier Mula, Péter Lánczi, and Eduardo Fernández Luiña will participate, regarding the censorship and manipulation of European university programs, will be Javier Barraycoa.