On the day of September 9, the Summer University organized by New Direction and Posmodernia fully enters the cultural battle, one of the main axes of both entities.

The philosopher, politician and Catholic, Ryszard A. Legutko, will analyze illiberal democracy in the European Union, which will help analyze the most liberticidal processes present in our democracies and ideological imposition. After this presentation comes Gustavo Bueno with the philosophy of the empire, the continental shelves, in which he will reveal the existing geopolitical division through the coordinates of materialism.

After the aforementioned presentations, the round table "The cultural battle" will take place, in which Gustavo Bueno, Diego Fusaro, Fernando Sánchez Dragó and Juan Manuel de Prada will participate.

The morning will continue addressing the role of the media in Europe. It will be José Javier Esparza who, through the conference “Mediocracy and the European Union”, will analyze the level of the media and their influence on European society.

Finally, the morning session will close with a debate on the role of social networks and political power in the framework of the European Union, in which Pieter Cleppe and Javier R. Portella will participate.